7 Fashion Styling Strategies to Rocking a Dynamic Personal Style that Elevates your Personal Brand

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“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”                 – Coco Chanel –

Where fashion unites us, style sets us apart.  Style is the image we create for ourselves.

STYLE is about feeling beautiful, confident, unique and rocking a dynamic persona that elevates your Brand.

As a modern woman of today, you exude quality, you have independence, individuality and your own unique style.

A lack of understanding and awareness about your own personal style can cause you to mistakenly highlight your flaws and at the same time, diminish the good things about you.

It’s style, not fashion, that makes a woman and that style is tied to how you want to Brand yourself.

You may think that a Brand refers only to business. But Branding is much more than that.

A Personal Brand is your personality, and your values and beliefs, coupled with how you present yourself to the world.

STYLE is not just about clothes. STYLE projects your needs, your personality, your goals and your destinations. Style also projects how you view life in general as well.

As we begin to enter a new season, it’s a time of new beginnings. It’s a perfect time to decide to make your Style and your Brand a ‘cut-above’.

Exhibiting an authentic and dynamic personal style sets apart those who have it from those who’s way of dressing is merely a practical exercise.

For you to present your most genuine self to the world, you must be strategic about your fashion decisions.

Here are seven fashion strategies that create a powerful and authentic personal style that is uniquely your own:

STRATEGY #1. Take more fashion risks – (Wearing more skirts, wearing less black, or dressing more boldly.) Why not take more risks this season to take your style from so-so to AWESOME! Try these:
-Accessorize boldly
-Embrace metallics
-Wear sequins during the day under a jacket
-Wear richer shades
-Add something bold or graphic to add an extra pop to your current outfits

STRATEGY #2. Never again buy anything that doesn’t express your individuality. A style that others envy doesn’t have to come from designer labels or this season’s newest fad/trend. But real style comes from wearing what looks best on you and expresses your personality, which includes:

-A flattering silhouette (shape)
-Your best color
-Playing up your assets (i.e., long legs, sexy collar bone, graceful neck)

Instant figure flatterers: – the right bra – a sheath dress – fitted blazer – black opaque tights.

STRATEGY #3. Rework (edit) your closet. Pare down your wardrobe, leaving only those items you absolutely love. First: take a strong, hard look at your wardrobe. Throw out or donate anything:

-That you haven’t worn in 2 years
-That’s in poor condition and can’t be fixed
-That does not fit, flatter, or look fabulous on you.
-That is a fad and no longer in style

STRATEGY #4. Dress for your shape, NOT your size. Keep in mind, when you dress for your shape, you want to emphasize your BEST assets. Your personal style disappears if your clothes don’t fit properly, and will look unflattering on you.

Tip: Your shape does not change – even if your weight does. You just become a larger or smaller version of the same shape.

STRATEGY #5. Find your Signature Style. A signature style is a distinct way of dressing that is totally and uniquely YOU. You take what you have – best features, personal history – mix it with current styles, and add your own unique little “twist.” Then you dress that way consistently, day after day, to the shock and admiration of all.

Some of the elements that make up signature styles, including fashion, accessories, and grooming.

STRATEGY #6. Don’t wear clothes that you have to fuss with, pull up all the time, or twist around. Fidgeting with your clothes zaps your self-confidence in the way you look, and takes away from your efforts to show good taste.

STRATEGY #7. Don’t buy anything that:

-Doesn’t look wonderful on you!
-Cannot be worn with at least 3 different outfits.
-Is identical to something you already own (another black cardigan?)

You can emphasize the positive aspects of your fashion personality through how you dress, and at the same time, possess more self- confidence and inner assurance.

Every person has the potential to create a unique identity and express it through grooming and a few well chosen clothes.

Keep these seven strategic fashion decisions top-of-mind and affirm your own unique personal style with how you present yourself to the world.

Making strategic fashion decisions announces to the world that you, the wearer has taken command of your individuality, your character and your own dynamic personal style and elevate your Brand.

The most important question to ask yourself when identifying your own style is “how does this make me feel on the inside?” Because this is how you will present yourself to the world on the outside. Don’t worry about following the fashion trends, unless of course, it makes you feel amazing when you wear it.

Embrace Your Brilliance!

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About the Author:

Elayne Marchbanks is an Empowerment Coach, Fashion/Image Specialist and Reinvention Strategist who resides happily in Chicago, Illinois. This ‘Enlightened Woman’ Website and her Book entitled. YOU ARE THE ONE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Relationship Tools, Reinvention Strategies and Becoming Your Best You! is aimed at a woman who can  Embrace her own Personal Power, Discover how to achieve Ultimate Style, and Create the Lifestyle she dreams of. Pick up a copy here, or check out this FREE Book Excerpt here.

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