BRINGING IT! A Black Woman’s MANIFESTO To Becoming Bad-Ass

A Black Woman’s
To Becoming Bad-ass
(Bringing the Best version of yourself to all the areas of your life.)

By Elayne Marchbanks


Bad-ass Woman: Lt. Uhura on Star Trek

Bad-ass Woman: Lt. Uhura on Star Trek

Though many of us women have been led to believe we had to be what everyone else wants us to be, that day has passed!

The great fashion icon, Coco Chanel said it this way: “A Woman Can Be Two Things: Who and What She Wants.”

To that end, there are moments in life that demand we show up – that we let go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are.

As women we experience many transformations and metamorphoses in our lifetimes. Each one bringing more intensity than the one before and each one designed to help us grow and move to a higher level in our self-actualization, self-empowerment and personal development.

In an effort to get this point across, I present The Black Woman’s Manifesto for Becoming Bad-ass. It was written to encourage today’s woman to bring the best version of herself to all the areas of her life. As you digest this Manifesto, keep these three truths in mind:

The BAD-ASS woman has a highly developed sense of self and therefore sees to it that her personal needs are met, because she is oriented around her values.
When needs are met, values get clear.
Becoming Bad-Ass means stepping out and going for what you REALLY want and learning how to enjoy the journey.
Becoming Bad-Ass = women realizing the REAL truth about herself…that she is uniquely gifted and exquisite as she is, and she is designed to create a balanced and vital existence for herself. She’s a woman who is a miraculous and unique creation equipped with incredible potential to soar!

This MANIFESTO expresses the power moves necessary to dissolve the ordinary and embark on the extraordinary life of a woman in her prime, as well as alluding to the underlying beliefs that support becoming BAD-ASS.