What Your Personal Style Says About You!


Your Personal Style says something about who you are as a person and how you choose to express yourself. How you ‘work-it’, how you ‘own it’. And, reinforcing everything about you that is already beautiful.

However, there’s NO way to unearth your Personal Style without first knowing who you are.

Your Personal Style is influenced by everything in your life.  It comes from your job, to your financial situation, to your religious or moral beliefs. From your body type, your personality and your lifestyle.

The KEY, of course, is to combine all these things and blend them in a way that projects what you want the world to see. Your Personal Style represents those choices that tell the world who you are.

The right style brings out the best in every woman, at every age, in every size and situation. Making a concerted effort to look your best and express your personality, goes a long way toward feeling better about yourself.

“Fashion is temporary – Style is Eternal”   -Coco Chanel-

The first thing is to totally accept yourself and love who you are. Because, when you have negative feelings about yourself, it can be emotionally painful and could derail your style.

That’s not to say that you should be ‘clothes-conscious’, but rather ‘conscious-of-self’ and how you project your true self in the clothes you wear.

Style is a Celebration of your Uniqueness

To help you discover your Personal Style, you need to know what inspires you. What colors you love, what images you are drawn to, etc.

A lack of understanding and awareness about your own Personal Style can compel you to mistakenly highlight your flaws while at the same time, diminishing the pleasing qualities you possess.

Style is part personality: spirit, attitude, wit, creativity. It demands the desire and confidence to express whatever mood you want. It reflects your own unique complexity as a human being.

Every person has the potential to create a unique identity and express it through grooming and a few well-chosen clothes. Exhibiting an authentic and dynamic personal style exemplifies class, and sets apart those who have it from those whose mode of dress is obviously just an afterthought.

Style is From the Inside-Out

Style is found only by looking inside yourself. Both your spirit and your self-image are developed and expressed from the ‘inside-out’. This.self-realization gives off an elevated aura of power, assurance, creativity, a sense of style and most of all, a creative approach to life.  

As a Personal Stylist, I’m trained to identify the conflict between the way you may want to be perceived by others and the SELF you see in the mirror everyday.

Personal Style is not about following the latest fashion trends, it’s about finding what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. The more satisfied you become with the glimpse of yourself you catch in the mirror, the more satisfied you become with the inner you.

Part of Style is personal identity: self-awareness and self-knowledge. You can’t have style until you have articulated a ‘Self’. And Style requires security – feeling at home in your body, physically and mentally. Of course, like all knowledge, self-knowledge must be updated as you grow and evolve. Style takes an ongoing self-assessment. We’re all works in progress!

Developing your Personal Style allows you to discover your own fashion voice and begin embracing the process of learning about Style and enjoying the experience of expressing your best self.

And in order to work, Style has to reflect your BEST self…anything less, and you become the same as everybody else around you and rob yourself of the benefit of presenting yourself to the world whatever you choose to BE.

Style is optimism made visible. Style presumes that you are a person of interest. More importantly, I believe your style demonstrates (without words) that YOU are a person of value, worth getting to know.

The world is endlessly fascinated by women who use their style to show who they are. Whatever aspect of yourself you reveal most often is also the aspect which will become stronger  and stronger in your life.

So why not add Creativity, Imagination and Boldness to your list of vital ingredients for a Stylish life.

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Embrace your Uniqueness!