Step Out and Evolve!

Step Out and Evolve!

”There are three (3)types of persons in the world: Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen, and Those who wonder what happened”. – Mary Kay Ash –

You are an Extraordinary woman – created with worth, dignity, expertise and purpose.

Do you not yet realize you are a designer original, a masterpiece designed by an awesome creative power.

You were never intended to be ordinary.

In fact, you were designed to be uncommon, special, irreplaceable and rare.

Beautiful Diamond

Beautiful Diamond

   Diamonds are expensive because there are no two alike.

   The Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo DA Vinci in 1513 is considered priceless and inestimable and therefore un-insurable.

There is a high value placed on you and no one else on earth has been designed to do what you were created to do.

Each of us came onto this earth for a reason.

As a woman, you are a miraculous and unique creation with something special to offer.

However, many of us have been taught to look outside of ourselves for significance and yes – our purpose.

Some women, myself included, have a great big vision for their life, but, sabotages herself to keep from achieving it, by either ignoring the vision and hiding her gifts and talents, or finds herself ‘stuck’ in doubt and fear.

In any case – it’s time to examine what it will take for you to STEP OUT, set yourself apart and evolve into an extraordinary woman who’s living a life of profound significance – on purpose – by design!

Extraordinary Women

Extraordinary Women

As a modern woman, you can expand your view of who you are and what you deserve from life and remove the self-imposed limitations and barriers that keep you stuck.

The woman with a misguided sense of who she is and how she wants to present herself to the world is all too common.

To that end, she often finds herself unfulfilled, bored with her life and feeling basically unworthy of having what she wants from her life.

God knows what is in you because He put it there, distinct characteristics and your very own uniqueness.

However, in the vigorous process of recognizing and embracing your extraordinary uniqueness, you will encounter one of life’s most difficult challenges:

(a) How to look at yourself truthfully, and then

(b) acknowledging and accepting what you see. 

To meet this challenge, you may find that some aspects of you require attention, some aspects need a small amount of work, and other aspects may even need intensive care. So it’s time to GET TO IT!


It’s been said that “without purpose – life is an experiment”. Purpose is the WHY. Purpose is your unique gifts and insight, Purpose gives you strength and courage to press toward the mark.

Stepping out and evolving as a woman on her purpose allows you to share your vision with the world in a much bigger way.

Finding your purpose starts by identifying what drives you and what your passions are.

There are moments in life that demand that we show up – that we let go of who we think we are supposed to be and embrace who we really are.

Then you can make the worthy decision to enhance every element of your life by developing faith in your gifts, talents, abilities and your capabilities.

What’s your greatest challenge to ‘Stepping Out’ into your purpose?

 Let me know in the comments below.

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