What Exactly Is Personal Style?

“Fashion is temporary – Style is Eternal”  -Coco Chanel-

You must realize that you DO have personal style, even if you don’t think you do.

Personal Style is a combination of things – the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you talk, the colors you pick…and even how you deal with others.

Personal style is having a sense of knowing who you are and how to express your personality through your clothing and your actions. When this style consciousness is perfected, it becomes an extremely useful tool for all aspects of life.

Your personal style is influenced by everything in your life, from your job, to your financial situation, to your religious or moral beliefs and your body type.

The key of course, is to combine all of these things and blend them in a way that sends the right message about your abilities, your brand, your goals and destinations, and your personal style!

Today’s modern woman plays to a larger audience, whether it’s in your career, in doing community work, or in your own business.

Style is a Celebration of your Uniqueness

Your Personal Style says something about who you are as a person and how you choose to express yourself. With style, you show the world your uniqueness.

Personal Style is the visible expression of how you feel about yourself and an indication of an optimistic state of mind.

.Every person has the potential to create a unique identity and express it through grooming and a few well-chosen clothes. Exhibiting an authentic and dynamic personal style exemplifies class, and sets apart those who have it from those whose mode of dress is obviously an afterthought.

Style is From the Inside-Out

Both your spirit and your self-image are developed and expressed from the ‘inside-out’. This self-realization gives off an elevated aura of power, assurance, creativity, a sense of style, and most of all, a creative approach to life.

Every time you dress, you reveal your identity.  Developing your personal style allows you to discover your own fashion voice – that part of you that enthusiastically celebrates the grand experience of creating your best self.

Search inside yourself and decide what you would like your personal style image to be:

__ Creative __ Classy __ Chic __ Feminine __ Tailored __ Wholesome      __ Sporty

__ Elegant __ Self Confident __ Conservative __ Upscale __ Sophisticated

__ Poised___Polished __Professional.

Whatever aspect of yourself you reveal most often is also the aspect, which will become stronger and stronger in your life.

Just make sure whatever you project through your appearance is the YOU that you want to project and allow your personal style image to emphasize your strong points and minimize your ones.

Your personal style announces to the world that you, the wearer has taken command of your individuality, your character and your identity.

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Embrace your Uniqueness!