Everybody Has A Personal Brand!

Oprah, 'Owning It' Harper's '12

Oprah, ‘Owning It’ Harper’s ’12

Lupito - J Mendel 2014:

Lupita Nyong’o in J Mendel

Whether you like it or not, you do have a Brand…even if you don’t know what it is.

If you don’t develop it by intent, then it will develop by default.

Everyone must have a personal brand. There’s no getting around it. What is Personal Branding? Glad you asked:

    • True Personal Branding is about authenticity. It must convey the essence of who you are
    • Personal Branding is thinking of yourself as the supplier of your skills, experience, love, energy, insights, wisdom, talent, expertise and experience.
    • Personal Branding means understanding yourself clearly and deeply, where your strengths lie, and in what ways you can contribute most to the world.

So what is a Brand? A Brand is often what distinguishes one product, service, or experience from the next in the business world.

However, we’re in an era where the professional, personal and social aspects of life are increasingly blended together.

Your Brand is what comes to mind when someone sees you or hears your name.

What words, images or feelings do you want to pop in someone’s head when they see or hear your name? Thoughtful? Professional? Compassionate? Intelligent? Authentic? Fun? Friendly?

In the same way, we each are our own walking advertisements, our own Personal Brand that markets and conveys information about our credibility, intelligence, self image, and confidence.

Take Oprah for instance. She has made herself a mogul with hard work and vision. A voice of power and control in entertainment, media and publishing. She has never wavered from her core persona – flawed, yet driven, compassionate and always cheering for the underdog.

I’m not saying you have to be famous to have a Personal Brand. On the contrary. But when you don’t acknowledge the importance of your Personal Brand, you create a huge obstacle to your success in achieving what you want from your life. 

Personal branding is about finding your power and using it

"The Most Courageous Act is Still to Think for yourself. Aloud. - CoCo Chanel -

“The Most Courageous Act is Still to Think for yourself. Aloud. – CoCo Chanel –

Most people don’t realize that they have an edge – a uniqueness that they bring to the world.

Personal Branding = Self-presentation – your visual identity.

Consider this, your outward appearance is judged by more people than will ever see your home, your family, or even your car. 

The visual representation of your brand is essential. Particularly when you consider that impressions about you are formed within 30 seconds or less.

 As you begin to develop your Personal Brand, you should package your brand with a strong visual identity, which is a memorable style that aligns with your personal brand.

This is essential knowledge, because of the link people make between what something looks like on the outside compared to what is on the inside.

By accentuating the positive aspects of yourself through your appearance:

(1) you can inspire confidence in your abilities and your wisdom, and

(2) you can make people happy and excited to be in your presence.

All of this being said, it’s more than just how you look—it is every detail about you and how you manage others’ perceptions about you.

The point is to make sure that the image you project is an asset rather than a liability.

A Confident Brand Style

A Confident Brand Style

Personal Branding is what makes you uniquely YOU. It’s all of you, from your appearance, to your opinions, to your knowledge and expertise.

The way you live, the places you go, the company you keep, are all part of your public witness and acknowledgment to everyone that you alone own your personal Brand. Only a fraction of it includes what you do for a living.

It’s important to realize that personal branding is an internal process. It begins in your mind, and should take into account your strengths, values, and life purpose or life mission.

If you are looking to be a success in life and love, the way in which other people see you has never been more important.

Why not put your talents and values on the outside and display them for those you come in contact with daily?

THE POWER OF A PERSONAL BRAND is that it focuses on the most important asset you have – YOU!) 

What are your feelings about expressing your own Personal Brand? Comment below and I’ll respond!

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