Seize Your Season & Become the Extraordinary Woman You Are Meant to Be!

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“To everything there is a season, a time to every matter or purpose under Heaven.”                                  -Ecclesiastes 3:1-

Where are you in the stages of your life? Do you understand the season that you are in? You’ve got to understand the season you are in so you’ll know how to move forward. There’s nothing worse than doing the wrong thing in the wrong season.

We need to develop our sensitivity to our moments of growth and change. In all areas of your life you will have a Spring (a season of new beginnings), a Summer (a season of ripening), an Autumn (a season of productivity), and a Winter (a season of renewal). We should discern when it’s our time to bud and blossom, our time to bear fruit and harvest, our time to lie dormant and our time to plow the field and make ready for the planting of a new crop.


Everything that comes to us really does have a reason, as difficult as it sometimes is to perceive or believe. Even some of the most painful, frustrating and unsettling moments have eventually made sense at some later time and have shown some purpose in my life.

Everything also has a season. How often have you relied on something for a while, only to see it show signs of disappearing, then you tried to cling to it as though it were permanent, or should be? When something is removed from our life, it means that something else is coming our way, or that maybe something needs to open, expand, renew, or be created.


    1. People, things, and events come into our life for a reason and a season, though that season may be brief or long and the reason unclear, until it’s time for us to understand it differently.
    2. When you see that a season for something in your life is approaching its end, that’s the time to visualize the next stage or realize you’re at a turning point. Embrace the fact of approaching change, so you have as much control as possible about how you go through what comes next.
    3. If you’re being nudged toward growth & newness, it may be time to visualize a new direction or a change of course. One tweak or even a small shift in one direction or another may make all the difference.
    4. Look for what may be blocking you becoming your best you, like limiting beliefs, or negative thinking, or fear of change. You can also adopt the attitude that everything that happens is a win for you because it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

This is a time when women, and our unique qualities, play a much more visible role in shaping our world than in the past. You were designed to be uncommon, special, irreplaceable and rare. In actuality all people were created to be originals, just like the Creator himself, and thus, meant to live extraordinary lives.

The ordinary woman is influenced by her environment. The Extraordinary Woman develops the self-discipline and spiritual focus to shape her own life. She can rely on a well-developed Spirit to help navigate her life and manage her environment as well as the quality of the people and resources that can influence her world.

Everything you have as a woman – your talents, gifts, expertise, experience and education (self-taught or formal),was put in you to fulfill the Divine vision for you in this earth and to lead you to your purpose. As a woman, you are a miraculous and unique creation with something special to offer. 

As an Extraordinary woman you can expand your view of who you are and what you deserve, to the point that there will be no limit to what you can achieve. It begins with an acute desire to expand your view of who you are and what you deserve. 

We are all a ‘work in progress’, and this is a great time to set yourself apart and become a different kind of woman, a woman created with worth, dignity, expertise and purpose – An  Extraordinary Woman!

The world needs that special gift that only you can provide! Perhaps allowing your evolution process to be controlled by the One who created you in the first place, will place you on the path to becoming all you ever wanted to be.

Embrace your Uniqueness!

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