“I looked up the road where I was headed, and back the way I done come. And since wasn’t satisfied, I decided to step off the road and cut me a new path.” – Maya Angelou –

Though many of us women have been led to believe we had to be what everyone else wants us to be, that day has passed!

As women we experience many transformations and metamorphoses in our lifetimes.

Each one brings more intensity than the one before and each one’s purpose is to help us grow and move to a higher level in our self-actualization, self-empowerment and personal development.

Each of us was born into this earth for a reason, and as a woman, you are a miraculous and uniquely designed creation equipped with incredible potential to soar!

In spite of this knowing, I have been having an internal battle with myself lately (well actually this battle is on-going), about how to create the life that I want.

I’m motivated by the fact that there’s a point in our lives where we can no longer wait for things to happen to us, we must make things happen for us. And the time to do that is now!

So, through this internal dialogue, I’ve discovered what I think is the greatest way to make 2016 the best year of my life. How? Glad you asked!



 Here’s what I’ve learned about the Comfort Zone:

  • Our Comfort Zone provides a state of mental security in which we benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety and reduced stress.
  • The Comfort Zone is a very seductive place. We know it well. We feel safe there, and it is very easy to get lulled into believing that this small confined area is the sensible place to be living our lives.
  • Comfort is easy. We fear uncertainty, loss and pain, so we seek to cushion ourselves against the pressures of life by spending our lives in a controlled environment.
  • Simply put, the Comfort Zone is a behavioral space where our activities and behaviors fit a routine and a pattern that minimizes stress and risk.
  •  Although our Comfort Zone may provide us with an illusion of safety, it actually denies us any opportunity to expand our skills, talents, knowledge, and sense of personal power.
  • There is no creature alive that truly thrives living in a contained area; and that really is what our comfort zone is.

This poem is contained in my book, and I want to share it with you here.

Comfort Zone
I used to have a Comfort Zone Where I knew I couldn’t fail
The same four walls of busy work were really more like jail.
I longed so much to do the things I’d never done before,
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone and paced the same old floor
I said it didn’t matter, That I wasn’t doing much
I said I didn’t care for things like diamonds, furs and such
I claimed to be so busy with the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.
I couldn’t let my life go by, Just watching others win.
I held my breath and stepped outside and let the change begin.
I took a step and with new strength I’d never felt before,
I kissed my Comfort Zone “goodbye” And closed and locked the door.
If you are in a Comfort Zone, afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise, Can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile, Success is there for you!
                                                                              Author Unknown


It’s important to realize that personal discovery and personal development happen only outside your Comfort Zone.

It’s entirely likely that what you want out of life is outside of your comfort zone. So is the development, growth and enlightenment that would allow you to know who you are and what you want from your life.

I’ve learned the hard way that anything you want that you don’t now have, can only be found outside the box many of us have built around ourselves.

The act of ‘trusting’ in your future and in fulfilling your dreams sends clear instructions to your subconscious to deliver you the solution to how you reach your goals.

Examine your life goals. Will they require you to move outside your comfort zone? Or have you limited your goal setting to things you can do comfortably and safely?


Therefore, if there is anything missing in your life, acknowledge it now and deal with it!

Try this: Change your frame of mind. Choose challenge over comfort and set goals that force you to get out of your Comfort Zone, and make this year and the ones that follow, the best year of your life!

Find Your Magic!

—————————————————————————————————————————— About the Author:
Elayne is an Author/Blogger/Editor and Personal Image/Branding & Re-invention Strategist, whose purpose and mission is to motivate and show today’s woman how to become ‘Bad-Ass’. Get more of her story here and join her in her guilty pleasures here.

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