Turn Your Clothes into a Killer Wardrobe!

Every woman has a secret boutique in her closet. The trick is to turn your closet into a wardrobe that works for you. The question is what to use and what to lose.

– Set your closet up like a mini boutique. Organize your closet by category and color so you can see exactly what you have. Once you do, you’ll become inspired and find new ways of putting different pieces together and creating new outfits.

– Let go of pieces that are outdated, the wrong size, or unflattering for your skin tone and body type. Think of your closet as the perfectly rearranged boutique where every item fits and flatters just you. Or, think of fresh new ways to work them into your life.

– Make a “maybe” pile of things you might be able to re-work with minor alterations or update with new items. For instance, a mid-calf length skirt can take on a second life with a little hemming. Or try shortening a dated jacket to bring it up to date. Belts on just about anything (either wide or skinny) – from jackets and sweaters, to blouses and coats too.

– Once you have edited down your closet, its time for the fun part – make a list of new items you need to complete your wardrobe. When you head to the stores with a list of what you really need and start shopping, you’ll reject ‘impulse items and buy only what you need!

– Do some homework before you head to the stores. Look up your favorite brands’ web sites for styling ideas and to get a feel for what’s available or on sale. Or better yet – head on over to my Your Best You page on Pinterest, for some exciting looks. Then when you get to the stores:

  • look for versatile items.
  • Don’t worry about buying head-to-toe outfits.
  • Think about purchasing individual items that can be worn different ways. Layering pieces are great, like lightweight cardigans, that can be stretched from one look to the next.

When you follow these shopping tips, you will buy much less than you would in the past. Smarter choices = smarter style.

The Key: Buy only the trends that work FOR you – your body – your personality – your lifestyle.

What is your greatest wardrobe challenge?

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